Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll

A special thank you to our Bob Leets (alias: Bob Steel) for his unselfishness in supplying the ‘music of our era’ for the 50th Reunion.  It was great to hear the sound we danced too and grew up with 50+ years ago.  None of the Classmates of 1959 will ever loose their love for the 50s & 60s Rock 'n' Roll Music.  Also the deepest apology from all the classmates for the disrespect directed to Bob and our music by the chairpersons and certain members of the 50th Reunion Committee.  We love ya Bob, keep on cruisin!!!


To my life-long friend, Marilyn (Jorgensen) Stiefer a heartfelt thanks for all your help the past twenty years for the Class of 1959 and me.  I could not have done my work successfully without your assistances.  Marilyn, you filled my missing-link of knowledge I needed to complete the tasks for our Classmates to enjoy.  Your search and find and communication skills are absolutely incredible.  Thanks again for always being there.                                            

Love always,                                                          


50th Reunion Weekend Pictures

A giant thank you to Janet (Carter) Smiedendorf, Carol (Otter) Brock, Betty (Frantz) Mack, Sally (Ahlgrim) Doebler, Lee (Ellsworth) DeVoss,  DeVonne (Marble) Turner, Dick Boettcher, Ken Seifert, and Rodney Beckwith III for supplying the pictures for the 50th Reunion Weekend WebPage.  The nicest and benevolent people on our planet are from the Niles High School Class of 1959.  These are my designated leaders.  Again, Thank You…


59ers' Millennium Tattler

We wish to thank Marilyn (Jorgensen) Stiefer and Kent Hunziker for their devotion, their long hours of publishing, personal investment, and creation of the 59ers' Millennium Tattler. Also, an enormous thanks to all the Classmates that contributed to the Millennium Tattler (M.T.).

It was four years in the making. Enormous hours of research and publishing skills attributed to the grand results of this project. Since the year of 2000 to this date they continue to update and include new biographies of Classmates and events.

To my trusted friends and cohorts, Marilyn and Kent, words cannot express our thanks and gratitude for the splendid work you done on the 59ers' Millennium Tattler.

Love ya both,
Steve and Sandy Schuyler


I wish to thank my Classmates that have helped in keeping the Immortality pages updated.

A special thanks to my life-long soul mate, Sandy, for her assistance in my publishing and searching work for the 59ers, and putting up with my frustration stemming from my disabilities. What a grand lady she is! Her deep reinforcement of living is what motivates me to be persistent.

Love to all,