A few Classmates have advised they are unable to read PowerPoint's 'Immortality' or because of their equipment cannot download PowerPoint Viewer.

To remedy this problem I have given you a choice, 'Immortality' in Adobe Reader or PowerPoint.

The difference
Adobe Reader will have no music:  
Click Here
PowerPoint will.have music:  Click Here

I do hope Classmates continue to try and get PowerPoint Viewer on their system. New projects surrounding the Class of 1959 are planned in the near future.

Tip: PowerPoint will give you a drop-down menu to view slides. Choose 'Save' or  'Read Only' (slow-startup).

Choose your choice:

It is recommended to save PowerPoint (PPS) and Adobe Reader (PDF) files to a harddrive folder and then open them once you are off-line.

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Adobe Rreader: