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Hello 59ers,

The 50th Reunion Weekend

Friday Night Picnic
It was a light drizzling night, but the food and entertainment was dry and hot.  Carl and Sharon provided their private campgrounds and  had plenty of cover so no one got wet.  Janet and John provided unlimited amount of sweet corn, brats, baked beans, and other picnic items.  Sandy and I provided  Al Mott who supplied the live entertainment.  It was music of our era and everyone was enchanted with his performance.  Several classmates said to get Al on America’s Got Talent program.   We served 100+ classmates, including their guests, and all enjoyed the evening.

Saturday Night 50th Reunion
The one hour agenda consisted of a 50/50 drawing, a drawing for Barbara (Donaghe) Weller’s elegant 59ers’ Quilt she made (Leroy Hilligoss won), Nadine (Brandt) Kuhl read her poem, and a great speech from our class president, Bob Pierce.  The Elks puts on some good food.  Later in the evening Dick Mack was able to play Bob Leet’s 50s Rock ‘n’ Roll CDs.    By 9:00 p,m. the planned program was over and everyone enjoyed the rest of the evening chatting or went home early.  For a last peak on Barb’s Quilt:   Click Here

Sunday Memorial Service
Our Reverend Norman Tubbs provided the memorial service at Island Park.  Norman's wife sang an appropriate song.   Our late Colette Morris’s children were given the honor of setting the memorial wreath a float in the St. Joseph River.  It was a wonderful service and venue.

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59ers' NEWS
Do you have a clear group photo taken at the 50th Reunion?  If so, will you please call me (269) 684-3383, after 5 p.m.?  I would like a copy to add it to the 50th Reunion Weekend Collection on the Website, and to add it to the photo collection I am preparing to mail to those who were unable to attend the reunion because of medical reasons.  Also, please call or email me if you have photos of the Friday night picnic.

Our ol' great trumpet player and friend Dave Vary is not doing so well.  Dave who was severly knifed by a burglar a few years back has never recovered to normal status since.  Dave would love to hear from you.  I called Dave and his condition has worsened.  Please give him a cheering-up call or send a greeting card.  Dave will appreciate it.

Dave and Sue Vary

1901 S Park Rd Apt F-117

Kokomo, IN 46902
Tele: (765) 455-2011
No Email Address

Some of our gals got together for their fall luncheon.  It was an enjoyable event with a lot of chitchatting, showing of 50th Reunion weekend photos, grandchildren and great-grandchildren photos, and renewing ever-lasting friendship.  Everyone is invited; please attend the Lady Vikes' Spring Luncheon you will enjoy it.  In the spring time, call Carole (Otter) Brock and/or Betty (Frantz) Mack for the future date and time.  Click on photo to enlarge !

This past month I had the pleasure of chatting with some of our classmates.  Most of who was unable to attend the reunion.  I had a nice chat with Rich Ramsby who is doing fine and has become one of my biggest support people I look up too.  Even though Rich went through a most serious operation a couple months back he is doing well.  Rich has been added to my ‘Tough Guy’ list.  Rich has my stead-fast admiration for his positive outlook to life.  Rich and Barb who planned on attending the 50th was disappointed they could not make it due to Rich's medical condition at the time.  Rich  and Barb will see you at the next reunion.

Determination and thoughtfulness is the answer!!  The 50th Reunion dates felled right on the primetime grape harvest season in California.  Our retired (specialized in surgery) Chris Thorpe who owns a grape vineyard took some valued time from his harvest and came to his old hometown to visit his friends.   His trip was a venture in itself.   Chris left for Niles from California on Friday, attended the 50th on Saturday, and arrived back to his vineyard Sunday where the picking was great…ten ton worth.  Chris’ short time in Niles was most enjoyable, especially seeing old friends he had not seen in years.  Thanks Chris for sacrificing the time to see your classmates…we all enjoyed your visit too.  We will see you at the next gathering, and I promise the date will not fall on harvest time.

Sally (Ahlgrim) and hubby Bill Doebler vacationing at the Grand Canyon.  According to Bill, Sally at retirement wants to be a lighthouse keeper.  Doesn’t that sound like a romantic idea?   Bill tells me he has widely travel and having a problem in finding one for Sally.  Let Bill know if you have one in your backyard or know of one that is available.  I think Bill is joshing me for I don’t think there is a lighthouse at the Grand Canyon.  I may be wrong for I’ve been there and done that too.  Good Luck Sally and Bill!!  Blessings and Love to both of you!

Classmates'  Websites
Chris Thorp: Click Here
Bob Leets: Click Here
Let us know if you have a Webwsite and we will post it!!

Please send a BIG "HELLO" and a warm "WELCOME" to our new Kids in the Block:
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Email Addresses Updates
Sally (Ahlgrim) Doebler (MI): 
Kenny Acton (MI):
Paul Bennett (MI, FL):
Lee (Ellsworth) DeVoss (IN):
Tom Smith (MI):
Judy (Fazi) Wolf (MI):
Niles High School- Class of 1959 (USA):

Patsy (Bailey) Davidson (TN);
Ron Flannery (MI);
Rich Ramsby (VA);
Dave Vary (IN);
Marvin Soreson (GA);
Bill Vannie (FL);
Classmates in tranquility;
Our Troops.

Meaningful spiritual thoughts for you, friends and loved ones do reach your 'Supernatural Being.' The results are essential for life for you and those other in need too.

Jubilation in order for Pat (Bailey) Davidson

Hi Steve…nice newsletter…thank you…just a note to let u all know…I have finished my chemo…and hopefully my body will be given a much deserved rest…Thanks everyone…for all the kind…thoughts…prayers and wishes…It meant so much to me…getting them…you guys are the best…my fight is not over…but going with the flow now hoping for the best…a special…thank you to Carol (Otter) Brock…for being my "Earth Angel”…hope to be in Niles…this next Friday…God willing…my Mother is hanging on by a thread…so want to be there for her…LOVE YOU ALL…Pat (Bailey) Davidson


We can never fill the complete void of loosing a loved one, but our friends in mourning can be a bit of comfort in knowing we, NHS Class of 1959, are all there now and always for them.

Last  Word

From all in attendance (100+) on Friday night they all agreed it was the best of the reunion weekend.   Sandy and I agree too.  Janet, Sharon, and I say thanks to all who  attended. We are most happy you enjoyed the food, entertainment, and visits with old friends…and you didn't get wet!    Thanks to Carl and John for all their enormous efforts too.  Al Mott, entertainer, was overwhelmed with your vocal appreciation of his singing talent and music.  Al thanks all of you too.  A big thanks to our Bob Leets for graciously sharing his 50s music with all of us.  To our 'little-class-dynamite’, Dick Mack, thanks for getting the music playable; even against all the conflict of the no-music existing at the 50th by the committee.

Sandy and I are pleased on the turn-out at the 50th and overjoyed most everyone had a great time.  Our hard work over the years to keep in contact with all of you was rewarding in many ways. Yes, there will be another reunion even though the excess funds are depleted.  The following reunions will have a fix date (in accordance to the 59ers’ survey) and expenses and reservations to the classmates’ not pertinent.  Please keep in contact!!


Take care...

Friends always,
Steve & Sandy Schuyler